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Blizzard and Make-A-Wish give child ultimate WoW experience

Ross Miller

Blizzard Entertainment teamed up with the Make-A-Wish foundation to give 10-year-old Ezra Chatterton, who suffers from a brain tumor, the ultimate World of Warcraft experience imaginable.

Ezra, an avid World of Warcraft fan with a heart-wrenching backstory, told Make-A-Wish that he wanted to visit Blizzard to see if they would make a character for him. Blizzard obliged, and not only did Ezra create his character (Ahab Wheathoof, pictured), they recorded his voice for the character and also let him add his dog Kyle to the game, in addition to creating a very unique (and very powerful) flaming crossbow for his now maxed-out character.

All in all, Ezra spent seven hours with the Blizzard staff as was reportedly very thrilled and equally exhausted. Kudos to Blizzard for granting for this boy what was his biggest wish.

[Via WoW Insider]

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