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GTAIV hops on the special edition bandwagon


It seems like every major release -- and even some not-so-major releases -- gets a special edition these days. The latest to hop on the bandwagon is the next in the franchise that power-hungry politicos love to hate, Grand Theft Auto IV. We have to admit though, as special editions go, this one's a doozy. For the bargain basement price of $90, you get a metal safety deposit box, an art book, a soundtrack CD, a keychain for holding the keys to the deposit box, and a Rockstar duffel bag. Oh, and you get a copy of Grand Theft Auto IV as well. We dig that the special edition basically gives you the end result of a high profile theft: a loaded safety deposit box in a duffel bag.

What say you, fanboys, does it top the cat helmet?

[Via Joystiq]

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