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Guild version 2.1.0

Amanda Rivera

Last night, in honor of today's patch, my guild leader restructured our guild. We've been having some tough times with motivation as of late, it the general consensus amongst the officers was that the guild members felt no progression as the guild was organized. We therefore sat down as a group in the Wildhammer Stronghold inn and took stock of what we had available.

A lot of great ideas came up, and one of them was what we implemented last night. The guild ranks are now focused around the Burning Crusade attunements, and each member receives a rank for which of the raid levels he is ready for. Although only a few of us (read one) are ready for Karazhan, the ranking system includes readiness for Black Temple. Yes, we are setting our sights high, but it's time to think big. If you don't have high expectations, how can anyone meet them?

As we were finishing up the planning of the new guild structure, I began to wonder about what other guilds do as far as ranks are concerned. In all my time playing World of Warcraft I have only been in one guild, so I can't use my experience to satiate my curiosity. Instead, I'll use yours. How are your guilds organized? What challenges do you face in keeping guilds motivated, and how do you tackle those challenges?

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