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Guildwatch: Trouble at the top

Mike Schramm

Guild drama is always pretty bad, but almost nothing is worse then guild drama that hits right where it hurts: at the top. When your guildleader gets a little out of shape, takes an extended break, /gdisbands, or even flips factions on you, you know it's going to be rough going ahead for your fellow guildies.

Lots of stuff like that today-- here's this week's Guildwatch, right after the jump. To get your guild here (or let us know about something going down on your server) drop us a line at and hook us up with drama, downed, or recruiting news. Follow your favorite raidleader past the link below to check the column.


  • More drama for Dragon Knights on Whisperwind-A. Last time, we reported the waters were choppy, but this time the captain jumped ship-- the GL /gquit and made a new guild called Not in the Face . Meanwhile, the few officers with DK are stuck by themselves, and it remains to be seen if even their little club will survive.
  • News Team Assemble on Maelstrom-A, formerly Knights of Exodar, is recruiting for new members, but their news gets put in the Drama, and here's why: their GL turned Horde on them. He disbanded the guild and flipped factions-- we hear Alliance is hunting him down as we speak. Hate when they turn on you like that.
  • Lots of GL drama this week, but here's some good news: After another guy ran the guild into the ground, Armageddon on Moonrunner-H is under new management. Ono, an alt of Pilgrimz, has taken over and is trying to turn the guild around.
  • Problems in WC on Farm Status (winner of this week's Best Guild Name award!) on Sargeras-H: They started planning to raid in the endgame, but officers have decided that Arena gear is better than raiding gear, so it's become an arena guild 24/7. Here's the gmotd, from our tipster: "If you have time work on your Karazhan key. But focus on getting your arena gear. It is as good as T5. Arena. Period." Even if the gear is better, who wants to do Arena all the time?
  • Humble Origins on Silvermoon-H had to disband after their leaders quit for 2 months and didn't come back. They've reformed as Carpe Noctem, and are recruiting 70s.
  • Restless Souls on Medivh saw a few leaders, including the MT, leave. But these guys are much nicer-- even though they went to The Sidhe for more raiding opportunities, apparently they're still helping out old guildies. Everyone together now: Awwwwwww.
  • We haven't done one of these in a while: NINJA ALERT: Kamikadzez on Kilrogg-EU reportedly stole a Mindfire Waistband from a priest. He claims he just misclicked, but another witness says that's a likely story-- Kami's an enchanter. Witness says "he deserved to be outed as a scumbag." Harsh, but: done and done.
  • Red Light District (not sure of the server?) dropped the Prince for a guild first, but then their tank split due to burnout. Ouch-- so if you're a tank ready to step up, they're looking for you.
  • Precedent on EU Nordrassil-H finished off Leotheras the Blind. Good luck on Vashj!
  • And they've got competition on these shores, too: A-Team on Stonemaul also downed Leo, and are heading for the fish lady. I can see the NBC Nightly News special now: "The Race to Vashj! Hi, I'm Katie Couric Brian Williams, whatever. Joke wasn't that great anyway."
  • Highbourne on Exodar-H is just starting Kara, and have already dropped Attument and almost Moroes. But here's the best part: no warriors. Just two feral druid tanks! Awesome.
  • Gnomeland Security on Venture Co. has been rocking Karazhan: Attumen, Moroes, Maiden, Opera all one-shotted in 3.5 hours on their third week. Kickass.
  • Ancient Lords on Terenas-A is a nice, casual guild that showed Attumen the door during their first visit to Kara. They say Moroes is on notice, but watch out guys-- the folks he brings to the fight don't play nice. Especially that Lady Keira Berrybuck. Seriously. Hottie, but dispels, and hits like a truck.
  • Nezumi, another guild on Terenas-A, made it all the way up to Shade of Aran in their second week in the instance, and then dropped him on their second try! Wow, nice! Shade is where my guild seems to be stuck lately-- nerf mages that can cast Blizzard AND Arcane Missles at the same time.
  • Reign of Fire on Garona-A wants all classes but rogues and hunters, 70, well-geared, and ready to start Kara with them.
  • Scorpid Blood Guild on Thrall is actually looking for an experienced raidleader to start the endgame. Have the know-how to lead a guild but don't have a guild to lead? You're their guy. Contact Naturally in game.
  • Hordecore on Blackwing Lair-H is seeking PvPers to kill, Killer, kill! Good dog!
  • Pyre on Shattered Hand-H wants experienced, mature players to fill up their two Kara teams-- they got to Curator on their first night in there. Specifically, they want healing pallies and druids, shadow priests, and one warrior.
  • All Shall Perish on Emerald Dream needs a few good healers to fill out two Kara groups (and hopefully three if they can get the people).
  • Sustainable Legion on Frostwolf-H is a mature guild (players over 21 only) that is looking for a few good dedicated raiding priests. For more info hit up that site of theirs.
  • Climactic on Aegwynn-A is recruiting 60+ for, like, a good time, man. You dig?
  • Poison Clan is recruiting mature players of all classes for Karazhan.
That's it for this week's GW. Please send us your tips for next week: Drama, Downed, or Recruiting notices to Until next week, enjoy those patch nerfs, and happy raiding!

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