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Halo 3 denies mass market, won't move consoles?


Roger Ehrenberg of Information Arbitrage doesn't believe in the power of Halo 3. Speaking to Reuters, Ehrenberg expresses his belief that Halo 3 will not help the Xbox 360 bridge the gap between its hardcore-only audience and the mass market. We can't help but agree with Ehrenberg on this point, as we discussed in the latest episode of the Fancast. On another point, however, we decidedly disagree. Ehrenberg states on his blog, "I certainly don't buy the argument that the Halo 3 game itself will drive new console sales. The game has gotten OK reviews and I am confident it will sell well to existing Xbox 360 loyalists, but beyond that, I am neither a dreamer nor a believer." He further notes that Halo 3 cannot be played by its core audience, Xbox-owning Halo 2 fans.

We understand that rising console prices prevent many from buying a console for the sake of one game, but if any game can do it, it's Halo 3. All of the writers here at X3F, for instance, know someone waiting for Halo 3 before buying a 360 (including Blackstar himself). We also have to note that Halo 3 hasn't gotten any reviews at all. The only thing reviewed thus far is the multiplayer beta, which we doubt will dull the public affection for Halo 3 come September.

How about you, dear readers, are you waiting for Halo 3 before you take the 360 plunge? Do you know anyone who is?

[Via Seeking Alpha]

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