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PC World products of the year: Wii, 360 Elite ... um, no PS3


This one's just a little sad. PCWorld decided that from their gadgets and gizmos a plenty, their whozits and whatzits galore, they'd choose 20 products of the year (try to ignore that it's only May). The Wii made it in the top three, and stunningly, the Xbox 360 Elite made it on the list too. The PS3? Well, she ain't there, let's just chalk it up to that media conspiracy we discussed earlier.

The Wii earned the number three spot because it was "the first game console to get nongamers hooked on gaming, nominating it more than any other product ... Nintendo really has something with the Wii. Now if only we could find one for sale." Then down the list, but at least it's on the list, was the Xbox 360 Elite. says, "The high-end 360 now ships with 1080p support and a 120GB hard drive, but it's the Xbox Live service, and the games and downloadable video on it, that make Microsoft's console really shine." What's wrong with PCWorld? As a famous woman once said, "Have you ever even heard of the Blu-ray? It's the future!"

Oh well, maybe with a little change Sony's embattled system can make a comeback on some actual year-end "product of the year" lists. Then again, it's gonna take something mighty impressive to defeat the Wii's possible DVD playback at that point.

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