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PS3 gets a price boost in South Africa

Peter Vrabel

Just as others have spoken publicly about the value of the PS3, we again remind you the price structure could always be worse. A forum post brings our attention to online retailers in South Africa, charging as much as R 6799 ($964.80 U.S. dollars) for a 60GB PS3 console. No extra games or controllers to be had with this particular bundle. FYI: The U.S. $599.99 price, converted to South Africa Rand, is R 4221.86.

As we all know, bundles for game consoles is nothing new. But at least over here, we get something for the additional expense, even if they are wonderfully average launch titles. So before you sign any petitions to lower the North American PS3 price, take a look at what our brothers and sisters in South Africa are paying.

BT Games: R 6499 ($922.20)
Look & Listen: R 6799 ($964.80)
Incredible Connection: R 6599.95 ($936.55)

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