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The gnomes have it

Amanda Rivera

In reading through Krystalle's liveblogging of the Stratics dev chat, something interesting popped out at me. For a while now I have been wondering why the Gnomes seem to get the short end of the stick when it comes to homelands. Gnomeragan as an instance is notoriously unpopular, to the point that I didn't even get to run it with my first two characters because everyone in my guild refused to go. Why, I asked. The bombs they replied.

The gnomes as a race are innovative to a fault. So why is it that they can't find a way to clean out the radiation from their homeland? Well, Tigole and Kalgan have hinted that I might just get to wander Gnomeragan without the hazard of flocks of troggs. "Gnomer could use some love, maybe the gnomes could take it back." Yes, on it's own Tigole's off hand comment isn't much, but later on in the chat they explain that more gnome lore is to come. What better way to explore the gnomish civilization than with a World event siege on Gnomeragan!

The way I see it, although much of the WoW world is static, the stories are not. It would be lovely to have a chance to see a little progression in the game to reflect how fluid the plotlines are. Although I don't play a gnome personally, I am fascinated by their story. Breathing new life into the gnome race is exactly the kind of progression the game needs, not to mention the added bonus of revitalizing older content.

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