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Assassin's Creed will have limited edition

Justin McElroy

As our significant others are so keen to remind us, we're easily swayed by advertising here at Joystiq. Take, for example, the announcement that Assassin's Creed will have a limited edition release on PS3 and Xbox 360. Normally we'd like to know a little more about a product before we agree to buy it, but after watching the trailer we posted yesterday, we were ready to mail our credit card to Ubisoft with a heart-shaped slip of paper with our signature on it.

For those who demand a little more info with their purchases, we humbly oblige. The $69.99 tin-encased game apparently really will be in limited quantities and will come with a figurine of titular assassin Altair, Penny Arcade comics and some short films, along with some other bonuses that we didn't have time to read before we totally went to the store to buy it. Not that it was on sale yet, but, like we said, we're really susceptible to advertising. Let's just hope there's no marketing for GTA IV or BioShock ... ah, crap, we'd better just start saving.

[Via Xbox 360 Fanboy]

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