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More new HD channels on the way from Discovery, CNBC and Chiller

Ben Drawbaugh

You know times are good when we are surprised when it is more than a week between new HD channel announcements. This week we have a few more channels for you, but not as many of details as we would like on any of them. Discovery will be launching what they are calling four new channels, but one of them is an HD simulcast of the Discovery channel. We're not sure if this will replace the Discovery HD Theater that we have all come to love, or just add even more HD content, but they will also be launching HD simulcast versions of TLC, Animal Planet and The Science Channel. These new channels from Discovery will be carried at launch by at least DirecTV this September. Also mentioned in the press release as coming this year is CNBC and Chiller (who?). While it is still questionable if DirecTV will carry 100 HD National channel this year, -- at least without counting sports packages -- this will certainly be remember as a big year in the transition of cable TV channels to HD. A full list of the channels announced to date after the break.

These are the channels that have been announced that will beadded to the HD lineup, which currently includes 9 national HD channels. While 44 HD channels is certainly impressive, it is not even half way to 100 -- yet.

  1. A&E
  2. National Geographic
  3. Bravo
  4. NFL Network
  5. Cartoon Network
  6. SciFi Channel
  7. CNN
  8. Speed
  9. Food Network
  10. TBS
  11. Big Ten Network
  12. The History Channel
  13. HGTV
  14. The Weather Channel
  15. MTV
  16. USA Network
  17. Disney Channel
  18. Versus HD
  19. Toon Disney
  20. TLC
  21. ABC Family
  22. Animal Planet
  24. The Science Channel
  25. Starz E/W feeds
  26. Discovery Channel
  27. Starz Edge
  28. The Tennis Channel
  29. Starz Comedy
  30. Showtime West
  31. Starz Kids & Family
  32. The Movie Channel
  33. CNBC
  34. Chiller

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