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Sprint's WiMAX plans set for liftoff

Brian White

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Sprint's WiMAX 4G rollout is starting to enter the "blistering pace" phase as the carrier starts to begin trials (soon) and begins launching real deployments about a year from now. For 2007, Sprint even envisions a buildout totaling $7 billion for its "powerful networks" (both WiMAX and EV-DO Rev. A are included in there). As of now, Sprint's plans for WiMAX include trials in Baltimore, Chicago and Washington, D.C. (and more) later in 2007 and commercial deployments come the second calendar quarter of 2008. We're already waiting on trials to be completed (successfully, heh) and additional cities to have WiMAX service available, like yesterday. Yes, we're data sponges -- can you blame us?

[Via Phone Scoop]

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