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You may have noticed some new things at Wii Fanboy ...


That's right folks, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you, we have some new features here at Wii Fanboy! As always, we're doing our best to bring the content you want in the most efficient way possible, so to help us do that are a couple of new features here at the site. First up, we now have pinboxes.

Over in the top right, you might've noticed the trio of pinboxes advertising some of our recurring features here at the Nintendo blogs. These are meant to advertise some of our featured content at the site, such as JC's excellent Virtually Overlooked feature and our daily discussion topic Wii Warm Up. These will change occasionally and be used to help you get to our content faster. Hopefully, they'll be a help to you.

Next up, we now have galleries implemented here at Wii Fanboy. As you can see in the image above, our featured galleries are set up in a bunch of thumbnails just below the pinboxes, further down on the right. This will help you get to screenshots (which are no longer resized by us to fit the page layout, something we know you guys hated about our screenshot posts) a lot easier. Also, certain posts about games with relevant galleries will now be featured at the bottom of the post, such as the latest Metroid Prime 3 post here. For an example that requires you do not click through to another post, scroll down:


And there you have it. A couple of changes that will hopefully make your time here at Wii Fanboy more enjoyable. Questions? Comments?

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