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Zamm's TM110 DMB navigation system clears FCC

Darren Murph

No need to adjust your spectacles, a Korean-based navigation system has indeed cleared the FCC in order to make its way to US soil, but just because the DMB-packed unit got the big thumbs-up doesn't mean that we Americans can expect to pick up signals from halfway across the globe. Regardless of the design changes that could take place if in fact the Zamm TM101 (or TM110, as the FCC so affectionately dubs it) makes it our way, what we do know is that it sports a Hitachi seven-inch 800 x 480 resolution display, "dual-core" ARM9020T processor, T-DMB TV tuning, PIP, 64MB of NAND Flash ROM, 128MB of internal SDRAM, a multimedia player, CF / SD card slots, flipout GPS antenna, and Windows CE 5.0 runnin' the show. Additionally, you'll notice USB connectivity, an AV input, wireless remote, FM tuner, a few built-in games, SiRF Star III receiver, and a headphone output to round things out. Koreans can apparently snap this well-spec'd navigator up right now, but if you're holding your breath for it to shake things up in the US, you could be sans oxygen for quite some time.

[Via NaviGadget]
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