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Zenum's Opus taken for a spin


Well, well, the once-vaporous Opus Operis from Swiss newcomers Zenum has finally crystalized. The kids over at CNET got their hands dirty with what seems to be a production ready unit -- we kid you not. So what did they have to say about this slim QWERTY running Windows Mobile 6 on a 2.5-inch touchscreen with a 2 megapixel camera, miniSD expansion, and infrared, WiFi, and Bluetooth connectivity? Well, overall they were "quite impressed." Sure, the keyboard is "a little squashed" and the phone is limited to tri-band GSM (No 3G, no EDGE), but CNET decided to cut the small startup a break on their first offering. Don't know 'bout ya'll, but they seem to have lost some of "the sexy" we saw in those early teasers. Especially when considering that it's still 4 months away from product launch.

[Thanks, Thomas G.]

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