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Adobe's CS3 icon branding taken to the next level - the rest of your apps

David Chartier

The new branding Adobe conceived for the new CS3 suite hasn't quite caught on with everyone just yet. Some say the icons are too bland and boring, while others like my friend John decided to take Adobe's 'periodic table of apps' concept to the next level. Via some icons found at sites like InterfaceLIFT and designing a few of his own, John has completely element-ized his entire Dock. In fact, I couldn't fit a decent picture that could display all the icons in this post, so head over to a TUAW gallery pic to take in the entire work of art - or monstrosity - depending on which side of the fence you sit on. Knock yourselves out if you feel like guessing each app - I have the entire list, but it won't be easy to nail 'em all.

[Update: For those that want a copy of most of these icons (some of them are home-made by my friend and not available publicly) as well as a few not shown here, TUAW reader David Mikula has quite a few available at his portfolio site, I Can't Fly. Thanks David!]

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