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Floating speech bubbles lets you ignore people in a whole new way


Communication in online worlds such as Second Life relies on two things: text input, and personal speech bubbles. To engage in a conversation, simply move near another player and their bubble becomes visible. Aram Bartholl decided to re-create this spatially-sensitive text chat in real life with Speech Bubble, a performance art event that took place in Berlin.

Just like in MMO games, players type out their thoughts and attach them to bubbles that magically float above their head. And by magic, we mean they're carried by a hapless slave person tailing them at all times. The result: an intriguing performance that either makes you re-think the impact of instant messaging, IRC, and SMS on society, or forces you to become completely apathetic to the guy standing next you who has a birthday tomorrow.

Check out a video of the event after the jump.

[Via Videoludica]

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