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Ninja-based indie platformer coming to PSP


Raigan Burns and Mare Sheppard of Metanet Software have gathered plenty of praise and awards (such as Audience Award at the 2005 Game Developers Choice Awards) for their 2004 indie platformer, N. You take the role of a ninja who must flip, walljump, and climb your way through hundreds of levels, many of which were created by fans using the in-game editor. It's a simple game on all fronts that captivated players with realistic physics and plenty of non-violent ninja-ing.

Now, Atari and Silver Birch have announced a publishing deal to bring N to the PSP, cleverly titled N+. The game comes packed with over 500 levels, including 50 user-created stages from fans of the original game. The PSP incarnation doesn't appear to contain any additional content over the free PC/Mac/Linux game, but portability (and a decent PSP title to own) might be the biggest selling points.

N+ has also been announced for Xbox Live Marketplace and is scheduled for release this fall.

[Via PSP Fanboy]

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