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PS3 upscales PS2 games and makes them look fantastic [Continued]

Nick Doerr

Have we got a treat for you today! We've gone ahead and compiled whatever screen captures we could find of some before and after pictures of the new upscaling capability of the PS3 and how they change the PS2 titles everyone cares about. These are exciting rollover images, so what you see below are the before upscaling. Toss your mouse pointer onto them and wham! Instantly, you're seeing the upscaled image. Ready to have some fun?

First, this is a comparison for Final Fantasy XII from the normal resolution to the upscaled madness, taken from the user Perfect Sin at the PS3 Forums. We're focusing on Vaan here not because we like those weird skeletal-abs he's sporting, but because it's a pretty clear example of the difference the upscaling can make.

Yes, we know the two pictures aren't in the exact same spot or have the exact same dimensions, but you get the idea. It's a heck of a lot smoother. We also had to brighten the "after" shot because the original was kind of dark for some reason.

We've also got some Shadow of the Colossus images from user I Have Candy at the PlayStation Forums. Again, the image isn't in the exact same place or anything, but you can really tell the difference between the default image and the rollover image. We should all applause Sony for making this work out so well. In fact, this may make some people less irritable about the Emotion Engine getting removed in future PS3's.

If those weren't enough, user Mastagamer at the PlayStation Forums uploaded a good set of images from Bully. We chose to use these two because they seemed most representative of the difference between upscaled and normal. We'll leave it to you guys to decide what you think.

Pretty slick, right? It's zoomed out a little bit, but nobody's perfect. We're pretty much sold on this upscaling game business. We've tested out a multitude of games ourselves, but we don't have any capturing equipment to throw up here. Trust us -- the games look brilliant. Kingdom Hearts 2 is practically perfect. More perfect than on the PS2. What do you guys think?

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