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Sly Cooper coming to PS3 and PSP with connectivity

Ross Miller

Two new Sly Coopers are coming out for the PSP and the PlayStation 3, PSM reports. The games will feature connectivity with one another and will be released simultaneously, but it is unknown just how that will work.

Sly Cooper 4, the PS3 title, will be shown at the upcoming Min-E3. Concerning the console version, the developers said that "the graphics have been majorly overhauled and the gameplay will be more varied and focused this time around. We're aiming for a fully interactive 3D world, with no loads and seamless interaction between settings and characters."

The Sly Cooper series has always delivered a fun and satisfying experience, but unfortunately we think it's been stuck in the shadows of higher-profile Sony platform stars Ratchet, Clank, Jak and Daxter. Perhaps Sly can sneak his way into the spotlight this time.

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