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Sneek peek at Gomadic's new charging station


Gomadic, well known for tips, chargers and adapters of all kinds, popped a quick peek at its new Multi Charging Station on the Gomadic blog recently. To say we're pretty stoked is definitely an understatement -- with space for four devices and only one cable snaking back to the wall, we're expecting this thing to become a mainstay at Engadget Mobile central. Unlike some charging stations, Gomadic claims this isn't simply a power bar in disguise as all of the power needs are handled by one circuit which is in the transformer plugged in the wall. In other words, no heat, no worry, just happily charging devices resting on a no-slip cushion. No clues as to when this will hit retail, how many of Gomadic's interchangeable tips will be included, or price, but we are all signed up to get more info and as soon as we have it, you will.

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