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Win Soltrio Solitaire from The Xbox Domain


Ah Solitaire. Is there a better time-waster? We submit to you that there is not. Sure, Tetris is in the running, but once you get into the higher levels it can become a wee bit stressful. Not Solitaire. No, it would be difficult to ever apply the label of "stressful" to Solitaire. Actually, we can think of one reason Solitaire, specifically Soltrio Solitaire for Xbox Live Arcade, can be stressful: it costs 800 freaking Microsoft Points. Almost every computing device out there has a free version of Solitaire. Hell, you can even grab Solitaire for graphing calculators. So, we offer you this nugget of info: The Xbox Domain is giving away a free copy of Soltrio Solitaire for Xbox Live Arcade. Even better, the rules for entry are insanely simple. Head over there now for your chance to win.

Oh, and don't forget that we're giving away lots of Halo 3 beta T-shirts until the end of May. We really can't stress that enough.

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