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Costco sells gasoline powered PS3

Peter Vrabel

California is one of our great states that stays abreast of environmental issues and presents propositions to ensure a greener society. One proposition in particular, promotes clean drinking water with legislation to keep toxic chemicals out of consumer products. Well apparently, someone forgot to inform Costco that the PS3 console doesn't use gasoline and is packaged as a solid, which makes it impossible to consume as a liquid or get mixed in with the drinking water. According to this advertisement, Costco has included a reference to California's Proposition 65 in order to inform any prospective PS3 buyer that the console could be toxic because of its use of gasoline, a highly flammable (and not very tasty) fossil fuel. We've looked (twice) and haven't yet found a gas tank or opening marked "fuel" on our PS3. Now, we suppose there might be some funky materials under that sleek hood, but even so, the PS3 doesn't appeal to us as being edible. Anyone else find a gas tank included in their PS3, or dreamt of a PS3 between two slices of rye with lettuce? Please, do tell.

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