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T-Mobile BlackBerry users get free MMS service?

Brian White

If you're a T-Mobile BlackBerry customer but aren't into push email (yeah, they exist), but you are into sending MMS messages from that Pearl's camera, you're in luck. There are reports that T-Mobile can turn the switch on a "BlackBerry Feature Enabler" which allows its BlackBerry customers to send and receive MMS messages for free if an SMS plan is subscribed to. We'd hate to think that those MMS users on T-Mobile's network would have to shell out $20 a month just to send pictures, and T-Mobile must have heard your pain. The solution -- if you're not using that BlackBerry's email functions or other data features -- is to call T-Mobile and have that $20 BlackBerry data plan taken off while adding the "BlackBerry Feature Enabler" (which is free) to your account.

[Thanks, Ben]

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