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The 360 controller is the best of the best

Dustin Burg

CNET UK decided to rank the top five video game controllers of all time and you'll be happy to know that the Xbox 360 controller did us very proud. Actually, according to CNET the 360's controller is the best gaming controller of all time! They thought that the controller is comfy, practical, and gets extra points for being the first to the gate in being a wireless standard. We agree. Going further down the list the 360's controller beat out favorites like the PS2, N64, SNES and Atari 2600 controllers. But we do have one issue with CNET's controller description. The Xbox 360 and its controller are not "beige" in color. They are a light kinda whitish ... greyish. So, please get it right.

[Via Xbox-Scene]

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