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Time Warner Cable will move ESPN's HD channels off the HD tier

Ben Drawbaugh

The road to ESPN's HD channels for Time Warner Cable customers has been a long and somewhat painful one. First they had to wait a very long time to get the channel at all, and then when it was finally added, customers discovered that they had to pay an extra fee (typically $10) since the channel was added to the HD tier. Then when TWC finally added ESPN HD, ESPN2 HD came along and then again customers had to wait some time before they could enjoy all those college football games and drag racing in HD. Now with ESPNews HD just around the corner, TWC and ESPN got together and worked up a deal that will not only add ESPNews HD to the TWC lineup, but will also move all the ESPN HD channels off the HD tier, which means that all digital cable subscribers will now get the channel for no additional fee, -- assuming they have the proper equipment. This really makes us wonder how many people will pay $10 a month for four channels including HDNet, HDNet Movies, Mojo and Universal HD? They had better add some more channels if they want to make it worth our while.

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