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ESRB rates ActRaiser, Fatal Fury Special

Justin McElroy

The newest update to the ESRB's site isn't all bare hinders. There's also confirmation of some new releases coming to the U.S., even though they may be old news in Japan: ActRaiser for the Virtual Console and Fatal Fury Special for Xbox Live Arcade.

ActRaiser is, of course, the bizarre SNES hybrid of action and urban planning and FFS is basically Fatal Fury 2 with three characters from the original Fatal Fury, which we totally knew without checking Wikipedia. Two notes: 1. We have no idea when these are coming out. 2. The listings don't actually say that they're coming for download services. So if you're the type who's fond of baseless speculation, just swap the above headline for "OMG! ActRaiser Wii sequel confirmed!" But trust us, it's not that.

[Via GameSpot]

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