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Geometry Wars Wii, DS details emerge


We were taken aback (in a good way) when news trickled in that the Xbox Live hit Geometry Wars was making its way to the Wii and DS. CVG and GameSpot were surprised, so they got in touch with Roger Carpenter, senior producer for Geometry Wars: Galaxies, to get the scoop on the announcement.

The first big question on our minds: how will dual analog controls translate to the stylus/Wiimote? Carpenter says not to worry. Early tests with the remote/nunchuk combination were very promising, and n00bs managed to rack up respectable scores with ease. We're assuming the analog stick will move the ship and a hearty Wii remote jerk will fire the weapon. And touch screen control should be a snap: move with the d-pad, fire by tapping the screen.

The next item of interest is the announced single-player campaign mode, something we would have never imagined for the coin-munching arcade style of Geometry Wars. Carpenter promises a more "varied and structured game" complete with galaxies, solar systems, and planets ripe for exploration. You'll need to plan battle tactics and scrounge up currency as well.

Along with the robust single-player mode, Galaxies will also offer online multiplayer modes for both games. Look for the titles to hit sometime this holiday season.

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