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June: best VC month ever for a small subset of Wii Fanboy bloggers


We need to write Virtually Overlooked columns about Turbografx-16 launch games more often, because we look really cool when those games show up on the Virtual Console. Last time it was Ninja Spirit; this Monday: J.J. & Jeff! We'll say it right now, before the actual Madness ensues: buy it if you like Adventure Island. We obviously love it. Sure, it's not the Japanese version, but it's functionally identical. We'd like to personally thank Hudson for pushing World Sports Competition back a month to give us J.J. & Jeff that much sooner.

And after capping off May with a great game that only we like, Hudson is giving us more weird, wonderful TG16 stuff in June. We might be the only people who like China Warrior, but we really like China Warrior. It's a Kung Fu clone starring a Bruce Lee clone, and it has giant sprites. Also flying tea. It's weirdly enjoyable, and one of the games we've been waiting for since we first heard about Turbografx-16 games on the Virtual Console. Also coming in June: Dead Moon, Bloody Wolf, and, of course, World Sports Competition.

But, as usual, Japan's getting the real treasure: Bonk 3, China Warrior, Neutopia 2, Silent Debuggers, and ... Devil's Crush. We wish we had the money to buy everyone a copy of Devil's Crush. Even if you don't think you'll like it, you need it.

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