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KornTech Rogun robot recognises faces, friend or foe


KornTech, a Korean venture company (entirely unrelated to the nu-metal band Ko?n), has developed a one meter tall robot named Rogun that can identify faces, walk on two feet, and alert owners to intruders via cellphone. Rogun's primary claim to robot fame is his facial recognition using embedded cameras and "high-end face-tracking software," and his ability to walk (a skill which humans take years to learn). Proving once and for all that the Teletubbies were robots underneath their cuddly exteriors, Rogun has a 7-inch LCD in his stomach region for displaying brainwashing material entertainment for the kids. If adults don't mind talking to Rogun's middle region, his screen can even route through a video call thanks to included WiFi: just say "Eh-Oh." Due to translation issues with the original article, we're not completely sure that this is an accurate figure, but as far as we can tell the Rogun is going for $1 million, each. A rather large amount to plunk down on a security system that can be disabled through a well placed push, but as with all technology, the price will come down as things get more advanced.

[Via Engadget Chinese]

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