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Sensear enables communication in high noise environments


Being able to communicate in high noise environments (like building sites, or heated LAN parties) poses particular problems: on the one hand, it's often a legal requirement that workers wear ear protection, on the other, you can't hear much with ear muffs on. The Sensear provides a solution to this problem by coupling a noice cancellation headset in the traditional ear protector style with technology that filters out background noise from speech. We'll have to wait for the reviews to hear how effective the directional microphones and filtering algorithm actually are, but just so that wearers have no excuse to ever take the headset off, the makers have thought to include Bluetooth technology to route calls through the headset's speakers. With a bit of tweaking, we'd hope that the Sensear could help people gamers ignore annoying housemates or relations, but we're not sure the current algorithm's quite up to filtering out repeated requests to clean one's room.

[Via Popgadget]

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