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Keepin' it real fake: clash of the iPhone clones

Chris Ziegler

Yes, the iPhone looks like a beautiful piece of equipment (at least from afar, which is the only way we've managed to see it), and yes, we expected a flood of Asian devices lovingly replicating its industrial design -- but even by Keepin It Real Fake standards, this is getting out of hand. To be clear, the three iPhone clones we're presenting here merely scratch the surface of the knockoff market Apple is up against west of the International Date Line, but we thought they represented a pretty solid cross section of what's going to be available. Curiously, two of the three -- the Honey VX858 from ONDA and Ainol's V2000 -- are merely media players, leaving out the "Phone" part of "iPhone" entirely. Specs on the Honey VX858 are sketchy at this point, though we know it'll feature a dual-core processor and a 2.8 inch display, suggesting that a broad range of video support is likely. The Ainol V2000 meanwhile flaunts pretty much every audio and video standard one could hope for, plus a variety of in-built game console emulators (though external controllers will obviously be a must). Last but certainly not least, the CECT P168 uses standard guts that we see on a wide variety of the latest generation of Asian clone devices, featuring a touchscreen and a row of icons across the bottom of the display. Strangely, the "P168" designation seems to be used for several models in CECT's stable, so we're not sure how someone orders this particular model. Maybe it's like a grab bag of sorts: you specify a P168, and depending on CECT's mood you could get an iPhone or an equally-convincing P990i knockoff. Anyway, your hard-earned yuan here are going to buy you a 1.3 megapixel cam, 3.5 inch QVGA display, dual SIM support, and styling only Apple could hate. So, we ask: which is your favorite?

[Via PMP Today, Electronista, and Slashphone]

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