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    LG's LN740 GPS navigation unit gets reviewed

    Darren Murph

    The crew over at GPSMagazine has certainly been busy of late, as just days after putting the Maestro 3100 through its paces, reviewers are now giving the same treatment to LG's LN740. The device seemed to handle the challenges fairly well, and while the options in the four-inch NAV category are nearly endless, the LN740 did a decent job of standing out. One of the most noticeable praises came from the "unsurpassed routing engine" that was said to outdo competitive offerings from Garmin, Magellan, and TomTom. Moreover, the GUI was highly regarded, and the sheer multitude of POIs and flexible routing options made the unit "a top contender" in the oversaturated realm. Of course, LG's device did suffer from a few drawbacks, as the lackluster display, omitted Bluetooth, and the "virtually useless" music player and photo viewer weren't looked kindly upon. Still, reviewers found enough here to love to dub the LN740 "impressive," and if you just so happen to be eying a mid- to high-end GPS with a manageable size, these reviewers suggest you give this one "serious consideration."

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