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PS3 Poll Police: What kind of game are you really sick of?

Nick Doerr

Welcome back to another edition of the PS3 Fanboy Poll Police. We're going to crack down on the biggest offenders this week -- namely, those games that seem to saturate the market and induce a wave of eye-rolling when a new one is announced. We're not out to pounce on developers for making certain types of games. We just want to warn them that, while we're in a new console cycle, maybe they should branch out and try to make something different. Without further ado, our poll.

What type of game are you just plain sick of?
Sandbox games!
"Street" style racing games!
Driving Sims!
Those pesky 3-D fighters!
World War II themed games!
Japanese Role-Playing games
Western RPGs (there's a difference)!
Artsy-fartsy games!
These classic arcade titles!
Actually, I love all games equally ... free polls

Have fun voting for this one -- it's tough to choose for us. If you want to see the results of last week's poll, go ahead and click over to the continued section.

As you can see, after the incredibly positive Gamer's Day, a lot of you grew anxious for many different games. While we expected a blow-out anticipation for Heavenly Sword, their showing was lacking and the votes reflected that. The winner is Uncharted: Drake's Fortune for plowing out some of the most impressive screenshots we've seen for the PS3 yet. Thanks for voting guys!

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