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Arena season 2 and you

Amanda Rivera

The word has come down from on high (read Drysc) that round two of the arena battles will begin June 12th. The season opener will coincide with a small patch, so if the patch gets delayed, so will the arena season. Intrigued? Yeah, me too. Still no official word on the spectator sport concept, but perhaps this patch is just the thing we've been asking for.

Some changes have been made to the arena system now that they have one season under their belt to examine. All arena players will have their ratings reset to the default 1500 at the beginning of the season, although you'll be able to keep your points. For this new season expect new items and rewards for all your hard work, arena awards and as well as honor rewards. It looks like they have put a good deal of thought into the next season. Let's hope it's as exhilarating as the last one.

Speaking of the last one, those who landed in the top 20% will be getting their end-of-season rewards and the top .5%, the best of the best, will be receiving that most coveted of prizes, the armored Netherdrake *drool*. Are there any uber arena combatants out there? What would you like to see in the season to come?

[via WoW Forums]

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