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HTC P3450 Elf unboxed


We peeped HTC's P3450 "Elf" in the wild a little earlier this month and now the Boy Genius Report brings us the full unboxing experience. The Elf is a pretty beast, all clad in glossy white but comes up short in the front face usability category with a distinctive lack of application keys. As a refresh, the Elf packs a 2 megapixel cam, is quad-band EDGE capable, and is powered by the somewhat feeble OMAP850 hobbling along at 201MHz. Of course depending on how you slice it, this, one of HTC's newest unofficial offerings, may be a bonus by not hauling as many pennies from your pockets as some of its other more capable sets might. Hit the read link to get at more pics of HTC's newest Windows Mobile 6 effort.

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