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VC Monday Madness: Three tons of awesome, now with ActRaiser


We sure hope a lot of you are enjoying a day off from your responsibilities on this fine Memorial Day, because the Virtual Console has been loaded up with some real winners this week. We were a little down in the mouth after Europe got Super Mario Bros. II, but after today's releases, we've got nothing to complain about. Let us know what you think of this week's offerings!

  • ActRaiser (1 player, SNES, 800 Wii points)
  • J.J. & Jeff (1 player, TurboGrafx16, 600 Wii points)
  • Kid Chameleon (1-2 players, Sega Genesis, 800 Wii points)
Here's us wishing everyone a fine Memorial Day filled with gaming ... and where did we leave those Wii points cards ....

[Via press release]

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