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Aiptek intros sub-$300 "GO-HD" 720p camcorder


Aiptek's cameras may not always be known for their quality, but they do usually manage to at least keep things fairly inexpensive, a trait that continues with the company's new "GO-HD" camcorder. As you've no doubt surmised, the camera will let you capture HD video (720p, specifically), with the H.264 codec used to keep file sizes down. According to Aiptek, that should work out to about 4 hours of video on an 8GB SDHC card (not included). It'll also apparently let you take 5 megapixel still images, with a 3x optical zoom, and a 2.4-inch LCD at your disposal. Of course, those specs may not necessarily translate to the best of results, but if you want to try your luck, it looks like you can grab one now from your choice of retailers for $280.

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