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Breakfast Topic: The meaning of WoW

David Bowers

The Proverbial Critic points his finger at you and claims you're wasting your time, developing an addiction, and ruining the lives of children everywhere. "But no!" you reply, "I play after I do my chores / put my children to bed / have a healthy jog around the park! I'm perfectly reasonable and responsible."

The Critic is stunned for a moment. He seems to tremble under the force of your logic. "In fact," you go on, feeling really inspired now, "WoW is not just a way to pass the time for me, nor is it mere entertainment! It has actually improved my real life, since I started playing!"

Your opponent grins, thinking he has gained the upper hand at last. "O RLY?" he responds, "Prove it."

How would you answer him? One way that WoW has brightened my life, personally, is to provide a way to keep in contact with the fantasy culture I love back home, while I live abroad in China. How would you say WoW affects your life meaningfully -- that is, aside from taking up time in a fun way? Has it helped you make much-appreciated new friends? Has it exercised your brain to be better at solving problems?

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