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Dene Carter interview: no nudity in Fable 2

Kevin Kelly

Loinhead has a new interview up with Dene Carter, Fable 2's creative director, in which he answers some of the hard-hitting questions on the minds of Fable fans. Questions like:

"So does that mean nudity?"
"Oooh, ah, that's a very good question. Well if you remove all your clothes your hero will, again, be dressed in underwear. Even the female heroes."

Thankfully, they go on to cover some new ground that hadn't been covered in the previous Molyneux interview, namely how the game is accessible to all players and skill levels, how the quest system has been cleared up and simplified, and how big the game world is. They've decided to make the game as simple as possible by eliminating things like contextual menus, and it isn't aimed at hardcore gamers.

When asked about the dog, they said the model will be changing to a more Brotherhood of the Wolf model. before, they'd been looking at Labyrinth and other Jim Henson-based models before moving on. What's ironic is the Jim Henson's Creature Shop created and designed the wolf in Brotherhood of the Wolf, but c'mon ... we're just being picky.

Check out the video interview after the jump, just prepare yourself for no nudity.

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