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Forum post of the day: New Karazhan opera events


Hey, it's cerebral humor on the WoW forums! My brain just exploded. Anyway, Hoshizora of Eredar has started a thread in R&D suggesting a new Karazhan opera play: Waiting for Godot. As he puts it, "The curtain opens to two guys standing on stage. They are not attackable. They have a repetitive and confusing conversation for two hours, and then walk offstage and despawn. No loot."

Other players have their own ideas, including the Oh! Calcutta event, where you have to be naked to get loot, and Death of a Salesman, where you must be liked but not well-liked with The Violet Eye to participate.

I can think of a couple myself:

  • Pirates of Penzance opera event. The stage fills with hundreds of small, inconsequential yet annoying trash mobs, singing high-pitched but catchy songs. Unfortunately, you can only defeat the event if you are the very model of a modern major General, which makes it tough for Alliance and non-PVPers.
  • La Traviata opera event. You can kill the enemies, but instead of looting, you get to listen to them sing about how they're dying for half an hour.
  • Music Man opera event. Much like Prince Malchezzar's axes, the main enemy summons seventy-six trombones to brain you.
  • Rent opera event: Anyone who has over 1000g on their person is vilified and mocked as a tool of capitalism.
  • Cats opera event: Just a lot of level 1 critter cats. There's no loot, but you can kill them as much as you like.

Can you suggest any new opera events?

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