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Harman Kardon GPS-300 navigation system loves your media

Darren Murph

Currently, not too much is known about Harman Kardon's forthcoming Guide + Play unit, and if not for a brief pre-order page listed at Amazon, we may all still be in the dark. Keeping with H/K's mantra, this GPS navigation holds routing closest to its heart, but it's certainly not ashamed of its media-centric side.The device features a four-inch WQVGA touchscreen, turn-by-turn directions, English / Spanish / French language support, maps of the US and Canada, and a color-coded menu scheme. Additionally, you'll find a "compact flash card slot" to load up your tunes, as the MP3 / WMA audio player sports its own dedicated screen to showcase album art and other details about the current song. Notably, there's even a separate screen to manually adjust the ratio of music volume to navigator volume in case you're just not kosher with that robotic guide breaking up the flow in a overly loud way. Although we've seen nothing official, it looks like the GPS-300 will be available to ship in around "four to six weeks," and the $299.95 pricetag isn't too shabby, either.

[Via GPSReview]

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