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ModBook gets upgrades, coming in June

Mat Lu

Remember the ModBook, the only actual Mac announced at Macworld back in January from third-party vendor OWC? Well it's finally getting ready to ship. According to jkOnTheRun, an email has been sent out to those lucky few who pre-ordered based on the January specs, and OWC has announced that they're including some "free" upgrades. The digitizer sensitivity has been doubled to 512 levels. Furthermore, the basis of the ModBook mod will be the new MacBooks released this month, not those available in January. Other options include replacing the optical drive with a second hard drive for up to 500GB of internal storage as well as a total of 3GB of RAM. The email states that "these solutions are now expected to ship in very limited quantities starting in the early part of June with all orders expected to ship by the end of July." So if you ordered a ModBook it looks like you'll get it just in time to sync with your new iPhone!

[via Engadget]

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