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Mysterious Mysteries: Fel Reavers on wheels!

David Bowers

The Burning Legion's dreaded (and sometimes dancing) Fel Reavers have been seen gliding around Hellfire Peninsula for the last week without appearing to walk! Adventurers everywhere have been trying to puzzle out how this could happen, but Lebowski, the Grand Master Engineer at Honor Hold, seems to have come up with the most plausible explanation:

"Using my specially-engineered-for-super-stealth [Silent-Strider Kneeboots]," he told Mysterious Mysteries, sporting some very nasty cuts and bruises all over his body, "I managed to get underneath a Fel Reaver before it spotted me! I saw very clearly the roller-skates underneath its feet before it saw me and trampled my body into the dust!"

Fortunately, his wife, a night elf priest, came looking for him soon after this horrible accident, and raised him back to life. "At least Lebowski didn't die in the house this time," she said. "The last time he invented something, he got bodily fluids all over our family rug!"

Have you noticed any odd creature movement happening around Azeroth or Outland? Creatures jumping up and down in some sort of twisted and evil exercise program as they come into your field of view, perhaps?

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