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New Worms content on Xbox Live tomorrow

Justin McElroy

Don't feel bad, it happens to everyone. You're blowing up annelids with a stick of dynamite or remote-controlled sheep, and you suddenly realize that you're just going through the motions. The visceral thrill is gone, it's just the same old ninja ropes attaching to the same old snow banks. Fear not, wormy warrior, a cure for your deja vu is coming tomorrow with three new landscapes for Worms on Xbox Live.

The first, the "Space" landscape seen above, is a freebie, but you'll have to drop 150 points ($1.87) for each of the other two: "Hell" and "Jungle." If you need to recover from all the spending of points, there's one more bit of free content: Twenty-two new packs of worm voices have been added. And yes, they include "Russian" and "DoubleOhSeven" meaning you can finally pit James Bond against Teddy KGB in the Worms arena ... the way God intended.

[Via Pro-G]

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