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Nokia fights back, files countersuit against Qualcomm

Chris Ziegler

Will one of these companies please just buy the other so we can put an end to this nonsense? Actually, that'd probably be a really bad idea; we take it back. Still, though, the childlike intellectual property spats between Qualcomm and Nokia are getting thoroughly out of hand. On the heels of the latest infringement suit filed by Qualcomm against Nokia a couple months back whining about a few of the former's patents, Nokia is fighting back with a six-pack of alleged patent infringements of its own relating to Qualcomm's implementation of CDMA2000 and GSM / WCDMA. Quoth Nokia's CFO, "We believe very strongly Qualcomm has copied our implementation patents." Well, there ya have it. We don't really expect this tussle to resolve itself any time soon.

[Thanks, Matt]

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