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Sexy64 is first all-male gaming league

Justin McElroy

It feels like the world has been crying out for this for ages, and now, the Mega64 pioneers have tapped into one of the most underappreciated markets in the industry: Gamers who are also guys. "Guy gamers" as some of the game media have started referring to them. Now, these Mario-loving men finally have an outlet of their own, an all-male gaming league where they can explore their desires free from prying lady eyes: Sexy64.

No, before you ask, we're still not really comfortable with the way the guys in this introduction video are being objectified. We still wait in breathless anticipation for the day when men can transform, butterfly-like, from sinewy muscle factories who play the occasional video game between car waxing and shirtless lawn mowing into simply gamers. But still, we applaud this first step towards equality. As they say, you have to crawl on the sand, muscles rippling below tanned skin before you can walk.

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