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Yoggie intros security-minded Pico USB stick


It looks like those digging Yoggie's Gatekeeper mini computer but secretly hoping for an even more mini version will soon have their excessive demands met, as Yoggie's now announced its Pico USB stick, which appears to pack all the same security features in an even smaller package. Like the Gatekeeper, the Pico is a Linux-based device that'll give the stream of information coming in off the Internet a thorough cleaning before it ever reaches your PC, filtering out spam, spyware, and viruses, and protecting your computer from intrusions, among other measures. Also like the Gatekeeper, the Pico would seem to offer some potential for "improvements," packing a 520MHz processor and 128MB of RAM, although it apparently drops the SD slot of its larger counterpart. Look for this one to be available in two different versions, with the Pico Personal setting you back $179 and the Pico Pro (with added VPN functions) running $199. Both will apparently start shipping on June 10th.

[Via Laptoping]

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