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Capcom puts the kibosh on Killer 7 rumor


Remember that rumor we reported on yesterday involving an odd number of assassins and their possible porting over to the Wii? Of course you do, we brought it back up this morning. Well, it would seem all of our talk about this is unwarranted, as Capcom has confirmed through a posting on its European site that a Wii port of the game is not planned.

Apparently, this was all just a site error that got blown out of proportion. The post states "The Wii symbol was due to testing on our test realm somehow making its way across to the actual site; the Killer 7 gamesheet is one of the 'sandbox' ones we use to test new things such as, for instance, ensuring that the Wii symbol looks the right size next to the ones we use for PS2, Gamecube etc before we put it live."

So there you have it. Nothing more than a web error, which we don't have to tell you doesn't help us feel better. We would've taken a port of the game. While it had some flaws, it was a highly stylish and fun game that didn't lack in the one thing we look for in games today: originality.

[Via Pro-G]

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