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Dedicated game sites to browse and enjoy

Peter Vrabel

Handheld gaming has a dedicated fan base, as those that frequent our very own site can attest. When the allure of new releases wears its welcome, it can be interesting to scour the web for sites that cater to very specific game tastes. In case you missed our recommendation for these game sites earlier, Pocket Gamer reminds you of gems like Beyond Loco, which caters to everything LocoRoco, offering wallpaper, music and even themed demos. Dark Alex also brings a unique flavor of PSP homebrew for those daring enough to visit. Something new and for the slightly older crowd that welcomes a trip down memory lane, there's even the HandHeld Museum where you can revisit handheld gaming's finest. The included pictures of box art should jog a few memories, if the title alone isn't enough. We can't be the only ones to remember those Galoob titles, can we?

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