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Dunhill's Avorities Solar Panel Bag: so good it doesn't need specs


It's not the first, but it is the, erm, latest solar paneled bag bent on keeping your portable electronics, portable. The Avorities Solar Panel Bag from Dunhill brings those staid Tumi looks favored by suits with the advantage of solar panels to charge a hidden battery. Sorry, Dunhill doesn't provide any detailed specs on the battery or such trivialities as charge time. However, if it's like other models, you can expect it to charge your cellphone in about three-hours assuming the bag's internal battery has been properly charged. The scratch, stain, and water resistant tote measures 38 x 27.5 x 12.5-cm and features magnetic enclosures and "iPod holes" on selected styles. What, you're not waiting around for a price are you 'cause they didn't tell us that either.

Update: Price found thanks to Millerand: £665 or $1,316... ouch.

[Via Sybarites, thanks James]

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